Welcome to Nova Studios. We are on a Mission to Beautifying the Web.

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Whether you are a small business trying to build an online presence or an established one looking for significant improvements we'll be working HARD for your success.


Our work is built around the principles of simplicity, clarity and elegant. We filter our distarction to add focus, creating beautiful work that commands attention. Enjoy the confidence of knowing you'll be getting what you asked for.

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Novas Studios is a web design firm that brings creativity to the table. It offers a wide range of options for design development that are blended with a personal touch. Technology is used to give a unique look to the site that will make it stand apart from the competition.

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With over a decade of experience helping businesses to succeed on the Web, Nova Studios has established a reputation as the website provider who’s committed to being here when you need us, and to staying with you for the long haul.

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What our Clients say

There was a lot of urgency in getting our website back up and running. Our old Web Design firm were giving us as much trouble as possible, but the Nova Studios team smoothed everything over and made the whole process of setting our site back up online a breeze. I would definitely recommend them.